"Green electrified the audience aurally and visually."
(King Harald’s Saga)
J. Gruber, The Washington Post

"Two splendid Canadian singers joined the MCO for this
performance: mezzo soprano Patricia Green and bass Robert
Pomakov. Both were up for the challenges this work presented and
well-suited for their roles."
(Shostakovich Symphony 14)
Winnipeg Free Press

"Patricia Green brilliant conveyed Marie's conflicted state, especially
when she heart-wrenchingly sang about Mary Magdalene, lamenting
her own guilty conscience."
Opera Canada

"Mezzo-soprano Patricia Green pulled off Koston's delicious "Wordplay" with wonderfully funny and suggestive dramatic pizazz,milking every possible interpretation..."
Washington Post

"Mezzo-soprano Patricia Green, with her warm creamy voice, was a
pleasure to hear."
(St. Matthew Passion)
The Morning Call, Bethlehem, PA

Mezzo Patricia Green sang impassioned songs by Ruth Lomon and
Moshe Milner with a poignancy and molten resonance fully evoking
the wrenching pain of losses that words alone cannot even
vaguely express.
C. Porter,The Washington Post

...sung with exquisite style, emotional power and fine French diction by mezzosoprano Patricia Green
(Ravel: Chansons Madecasses)
J. McLelland, The Washington Post

The two soloists, Phyllis Bryn-Julson and Patricia Green unified
virtuosity and dramatism with a sovereign authority.
(Ligeti: Requiem)
L’Alsace, Strasbourg, France

Green conveyed the heroine’s anguish and pathos with conviction.
(Blacher: Francesca da Rimini)
C. McCardell, The Washington Post

Patricia Green sang the Spring Child beautifully.
(Schafer opera: The Spirit Garden)
Ottawa Citizen

Of the soloists, alto Patricia Green and tenor Benjamin Butterfield
were superb.
(St. Matthew Passion)
Hamilton Spectator

… featured the brilliant mezzo-soprano Patricia Green in music
flavored by nature mysticism. Canadian composer R. Murray
Schafer's "Aria of the Dawn" from "The Princess of the Stars"
is not designed for a concert hall… Green sang with remarkable control.
Joseph McLellan, Washington Post

Boulez’s “Le marteau sans maitre", a work of ferocious difficulty...
was given a triumphantly successful performance by alto Patricia
Green - effortlessly negotiating the fearsome vocal acrobatics of the score.
Times Colonist, Victoria, B.C.

The beautiful, rich, warm tone of Patricia Green’s voice, combined with her dramatic sensibilities and skilful musicianship, is perfect for this collection of songs by living composers.
Diane Wells, Wholenote Magazine, Aug. 2013
"Particularly notable is mezzo-soprano Patricia Green's marked contrast between Schneetod (to a poem by Andrej Murasov) with violin and piano, and Nova Angeletta (based on a text by Petrarch) accompanied by violin alone."
K. Smith, Gramophone Magagazine, Jan. 2012
"Wagnerian-sized mezzo voice and keen story-telling skills"
Gramophone April 09
"richly expressive voice..."
American Record Guide April 09
"Mezzo Patricia Green is an impressive soloist"
BBC Music Magazine

Patricia Green, a Canadian mezzo known especially for interpreting modern music does full justice to these always interesting, frequently moving songs.
Pamela Margles, Wholenote

…mezzo-soprano Patricia Green responds to them with an honest expressiveness that is entirely persuasive.
Gregory Berg, NATS Journal of Singing